RWTH AI Week 2023

September 25 - 29, 2023, Aachen

About the AI Week

The AI Week brings together researchers, industry and the general public in and around Aachen to show case the cutting-edge research on AI at RWTH, to connect key players from academia and industry, to discuss AI-related topics with the citizens, and to educate the next generation on AI.

The AI Week is organized by the RWTH AI Center in collaboration and partnership with several local and national partners. All events are free of charge (exceptions apply but will be clearly stated).

This year, the AI Week will take place from 25 to 29 September: a week full of scientific excellence, thought-provoking discussions, idea exchange, and lots of fun.

Learn about the pioneering research in foundations and applications of AI, find new collaborators, connect with experts.

Discover, what the research is doing and how it can be applied in your company, connect with potential employees.

Discover AI, what risks and opportunities it offers, how it is used in everyday life, how it will change the future generation, and have fun with the family.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all in Aachen.


  • The Grand Opening Ceremony
  • Copyrights: Martin Braun
    Copyrights: Martin Braun

    The Grand Opening Ceremony marks the start of the AI Week 2023. Welcoming speeches from key people from the politics, the RWTH and the AI Center will be accompanied by artistic acts and a big surprise. We promise it will be a spectacular event.

  • Dialogue between scientists and citizens
  • Copyrights: DigitalHUB
    Urheberrechte: DigitalHUB

    The AI Week offers several opportunities for citizens to interact with AI experts and ask their questions, especially at the panel discussion in the Digital Church, which brings together for the first time 19 of 23 Alexander von Humboldt Professors in AI from all over Germany - a unique event in the history of the Humboldt Foundation and an opportunity not to be missed!

  • Scientific Talks
  • Copyrights: Andreas Schmitter
    Copyrights: Andreas Schmitter

    AI experts and curious, interested laypeople, students and/or prospective students are invited to attend various scientific presentations on the topics of AI. During these lectures and talks, AI researchers will showcase state-of-the art research in foundations and applications of AI conducted at RWTH.

  • Family Day
  • Copyrights: Andreas Schmitter
    Copyrights: Martin Braun

    All Aacheners, big and small, young and old, can not only get a behind-the-scenes look at AI research at RWTH during the LabCrawl, but can also get involved actively, because that's what Family Day is all about: Experiencing AI. Families can sign up to visit individual labs at RWTH that offer demos, including, for example, drones or VR. Additionally, everybody is invited to the public and interactive exhibitions at OecherLab and Fireplace (Aachen city center). Exhibitors from RWTH and beyond will introduce you and your family to the world of AI.

  • AI in Art:
  • Copyrights: RDNE Stock Project
    Copyrights: RDNE Stock Project

    Explore the application of artificial intelligence through diverse performances throughout the week, whether visual art, theater, or music. Dive into the artistic world of the future and interact with artists who can teach you about the unlikely marriage between technology and creativity.

  • AI in Movies:
  • Copyrights: Tima Miroshnichenko
    Copyrights: Tima Miroshnichenko

    From older classics to big blockbusters, the theaters in Aachen will be showing different movies around AI throughout the AI week. AI experts will come to the screenings to discuss the film's perspective with you and, more generally, explain the real potential and limitations of AI. Movie tickets for the screening(s) of your choice can be purchased directly from the theater. The ticket prices depend on the movie theater and the screening.

    Overview of movie program of Cineplex Aachen

Organization Team of the AI Week

The RWTH AI Week is organized and supported by the Board of Directors by the RWTH Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Feel free to contact the organizing team if you have any questions about the RWTH AI Week 2023.

Photo of Julia Mann Dr. Julia Mann Managing Director of RWTH AI Center

E-mail: contact[at]ai[dot]rwth-aachen[dot]de

Photo of Maddy Ruppé B.A. Maddy Ruppé Research Network Coordinator, AIM Chair

E-mail: ruppe[at]aim[dot]rwth-aachen[dot]de

Photo of Diana Safarpour Malekabad B.Sc. Diana Safarpour Malekabad Student Assistant, RWTH AI Center

E-mail: diana[dot]safarpour[at]ai[dot]rwth-aachen[dot]de

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